6th hour ONLY - Post in THIS discussion forum!
Online Discussion Directions:

Today we are talking about Mood. This can be a difficult literary element to address; this posting should help you and your group with this "chapter" in your book.

Here is what we want you to do this hour:

1. Each "group" should create a new post in the discussion tab.

2. Title the post with your HOUR, book's title, and the mood that is evoked.

3. In your message, copy the passage from your book (cite it with the author's last name and page #). Then, state what mood is evoked from this passage. Lastly, explain how you and your group came to the conclusion that this is the mood from this passage.

4. Finish the post with the FIRST names of your group members.

‍**Your posts will be graded for content and grammar and original ideas.

‍**Do NOT read other people's work until you have created your OWN post (so you have your own ideas)

‍***Now...for ONE of your mood pages, you may use someone else's idea from this discussion (just make sure to give them credit!) (and make sure their post is correct before you use it!)