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Berkshire is a proud recipient of a 2011 Promising Practices Award forPrinciple #2: The school defines “character” comprehensively to include thinking, feeling, and doingWe invite you to peruse the attached documents as well as this webpage.

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Berkshire Middle School
participates in

November 19th, 2010

Friday, November 19th
International Stand Up to Peer Mistreatment Day
Berkshire Middle School participates

Goal:The Berkshire Community (staff, faculty, parents, students, etc.) will show our unity by wearing Berkshire colors and/or spirit wear as we express our desire for Berkshire to be a safe and inviting place for everyone.

Why November 19th?November 19th is the “International Stand Up To Bullying Day”. It is celebrated in elementary through high schools in 25 different countries. It began when a child went to his first day at a new school in a pink shirt – and was made fun of because of his shirt. The next day, to “stand up” for this child, a number of boys wore pink shirts.

Berkshire counselors, Character Education, S.P.A.R.C., staff, and administration are interested in proactively teaching positive behaviors that encourage safety and a welcoming environment. Our desires, coupled with the recent suicides and news stories about teenage bullying, remind us of how relevant and serious this issue can be.

How can I participate this week?
  1. Watch and Listen: Each day (either via video or PA) there will be information about Friday. Please encourage your students to listen. On Thursday we will show a video created by SPARC to remind students to dress up on Friday.
  2. Read: Stories about issues related to Peer Mistreatment – rather, appropriate treatment – are in your mailboxes. If you choose to, please take a day, two days, or all five days of SSR to read a story to your SSR class. Attached to the stories, you will find questions for discussion (if you choose to discuss).
    1. Statistics show that “bullies” lack the ability to empathize with their “victim”. These stories encourage and indirectly teach empathy.
  3. “Teach-To”: Statistics show that sometimes students do not know how to stand up to peer mistreatment; last Friday Sheryl gave us some “Teach To” activities and how to use them.
    1. Attached to this document you will find a “Teach To” for “Standing Up to Peer Mistreatment” – feel free to use this in your classroom.
  4. Wear: Instead of wearing “pink” we ask that you show your Berkshire spirit. Please wear, and encourage your students to wear, Berkshire spirit wear (club/sports/field trip sweatshirts, tshirts, etc.) and/or Berkshire colors (black and silver) on Friday.
  5. Do what you’ve been doing!:We know that teachers and other staff members remind students of The Berkshire Way daily! So…keep doing what you are doing as you model The Berkshire Way to our community J.