Literary Analysis Paper:

Please see the attached documents below for more information about literary analysis papers.

Continuing to brainstorm your topic and completing the graphic organizer.

If this organizer confuses you, then please check out the more specific graphic organizer below.

Graphic Organizer and Thesis Points**
  • Do NOT worry about your introductory paragraph. For our purpose, we want you to ONLY have a THESIS statement (unless you feel that you have a GREAT attention getter that is not a cliche or rhetorical question).
  • Your graphic organizer should be complete (filled with details)
  • You should have THREE INSIGHTFUL points in your three-prong thesis. If these points are weak, you are going to have a difficult time with the entire essay.
Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs: Check out these resources!
Support (body) Paragraphs:
  • You should have THREE pieces of evidence from the novel to support each point in your thesis
    • You are required to have at least ONE direct quote in each support paragraph
    • You are required to INTERPRET each piece of evidence (tell the reader how this piece of evidence PROVES your thesis point)
    • Cite correctly: (Collins 42)
  • See the following attachments for assistance with support paragraphs


Looking for a character trait that is more interesting than saying your character is kind or caring or nice or mean???

Check out this list (Note: It is 2 pages of traits!):

Looking for a more interesting MORAL or LESSON (theme) to prove?

Look here:
*Remember: If you copy this thought, you MUST cite it in your paper!